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I found the following websites helpful and interesting while conducting my research.  If you have any suggestions for sites that could apppear here, please email them to:

BBC Kent recollections of former workers inc. audio and video:

Chatham Dockyard Revisited (recollections of former workers and John Knott about the closure, wastage and waiving the rules:

Edwin Matthews' appeal case

Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre:

Mavis Nye's blog concerning her fight against Mesothelioma - she is believed to have contracted the disease from asbestos dust on her husand's work clothes and in his hair:

Meso and Me - Raymond Nye's blog as carer to Mavis:

Ropemakers - trailer for the film by

The Chatham Dockyard Historical Society:

The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust:

The Naval Dockyards Society:

Transcript of "The Price of Peace"